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    Program files x86

    There's a good chance you have both the “C:\Program Files” and “C:\Program Files (x86)” folders on your Windows PC. If you poke around. The regular Program Files folder holds bit applications, while "Program Files ( x86)" is used for bit applications. Installing a bit application in a PC with a. Since , Microsoft has offered both bit and bit versions of its Windows operating system. If you're running a bit version of Microsoft Windows, you will notice that there are two separate folders where your Program Files are kept: Program Files (x86), which contains

    What is the difference between the "Program Files" folder & the "Program Files ( x86)" folder, in C Drive? Various programs seem split almost. Dave Thomson asked about the folders Program Files and Program Files (x86). " Why are there two, and is there some advantage of using one. Program Files is the directory name of a standard folder in Microsoft Windows operating While bit Windows versions also have a %ProgramFiles(x86)%.

    First of all, if you are seeing a folder Program Files (x86) it means that you are running a 64 Bit Operating System. That folder contains the programs installed that. Anyone running the 64 bit version of Windows will see both the normal Program Files folder and a new enigmatic folder with an “(x86)” ending. The %ProgramFiles% variable points to the Program Files directory, which On a Windows 64 bit machine, echo %programfiles(x86)% does.