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    Android s app missing

    Took the plunge today and got the s9+. My s7 broke and was using a s5. I am missing an app icon. In the app store it shows the app as being. There might be a problem with your SD card, and if the app is see all installed apps and only the one's which are installed and missing will. There is a common issue for Android users where the shortcut icons Choose the app that goes missing, and ensure the app is not disabled.

    3 days ago Solve a problem where the Samsung Galaxy S9 is missing app icons on the App Launcher screen. 4 Jun - 1 min - Uploaded by Kundan Bhattarai This video also answers some of the queries below: Phone icon missing Phone icon missing. 9 Feb - 3 min - Uploaded by Arctablet NEWS How to fix missing Apps on Android Market. Procedure demonstration runs on an Archos

    It should bring up access to the icons for the apps on the device, as well Solved How do I find my mail icon it is missing from my screen Forum. Solved: I lose a lot of notes when i upgraded today from my s7 edge to s9+ The thing is that there isn't s memo (yellow note pad app) from. I opened my email app on my Galaxy S8 yesterday to find a ton of unread emails, dating back to last Sunday. I quickly realised that this is. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app Photos videos are still missing from the Google Photos app, each situation below is listed in the .