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    glBlendEquationi specifies the blend equation for a single draw buffer whereas glBlendEquation sets the blend equation for all draw buffers. These equations. Name. glBlendEquation — specify the equation used for both the RGB blend equation and the Alpha blend equation. C Specification. void glBlendEquation. glBlendEquation(GLESGL_FUNC_ADD); GLESglBlendColor(0, 0, 0, f); // The alpha blendFunc is chosen such that the resulting alpha.

    glblendequation(3) - Linux man page. Name. glBlendEquation - set the blend equation. C Specification. void glBlendEquation(GLenum mode). GLBLENDEQUATION(3G) UNIX Programmer's Manual glBlendEquation - set the blend equation. C SPECIFICATION. void glBlendEquation(GLenum mode). This page provides Java code examples for glBlendEquation. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects.

    openGL glBlendEquation example code in c/c++ and objective c and java. glBlendEquation(GLenum (mode))-> void. glBlendEquation(mode). glBlendEquationi(GLuint (buf), GLenum (mode))-> void. glBlendEquationi( buf, mode). glBlendEquation(_:). No overview available. SDKs. iOS –Deprecated; tvOS –Deprecated. Framework. OpenGL ES.