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    Timewave zero

    Articles about Terence McKenna and his Timewave Zero theory, plus software for exploring it. The Zero Date Reconsidered - Timewave Calculator - 'Fractal Time' Software. Timewave Zero, one of the most amazing theories that a man could have ever come with. Timewave Zero basically says time is like a tape that goes in spiral. 22 Sep - 24 min - Uploaded by loadedshaman Terence McKenna - "Timewave Zero" Terence Mckenna Timewave zero explained.

    Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, – April 3, ) was an American ethnobotanist, .. studied and improved the foundations of novelty theory, working out a mathematical formula and developing the Timewave Zero software (the  Dennis McKenna - Psychonautics - Ethnobotany - King Wen sequence. It has the original information for purchasing TMk's original timewave zero CD- rom software, leading me to think that TMk or people he knew. What interests Horgan the most pertains to McKenna's so-called Timewave Zero theory of history, which holds that something “novel” and.

    As we approach the zero point on the grand Timewave, waves of novelty and habit change more rapidly. This can appear chaotic to our sense of time but it is. TimewaveZero This nOde last updated June 8th, and is permanently morphing (4 Cig (Owl) / 4 Zots (Bat) - 56/ - ). fusion telex.