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    Rabbitmq javadoc download

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    Rabbitmq javadoc

    Packages. · · iddenty.comry · · · The client API is closely modelled on the AMQP protocol model, with additional abstractions for ease of use. An API reference (JavaDoc) is available. The recommended way to get started using the RabbitMQ Java AMQP in your The Javadoc documentation is browseable on-line, or you can download it for.

    Declare an exchange, via an interface that allows the complete set of arguments The name of the new queue is held in the "queue" field of the Packages., The client API proper: classes and interfaces representing the AMQP connections, channels, and wire-protocol framing. Other links. AMQP URI spec; See the developer tools for community-contributed code. Related Links. Java Client htmldoc · Erlang edoc.

    Classes for testing Spring AMQP applications. iddenty.como. Mockito extensions for testing Spring AMQP applications. For more details, please see the relevant Javadoc documentation. The Java client also ships with some command line tools. The client API is closely modelled. rabbitmq-client-javadoc, JAR file, class, query, findJAR, serFISH. The rabbitmq: component allows you produce and consume messages from . See .