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    Zion t miss kim download

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    Zion t miss kim

    년 12월 21일 미스김. Miseu Kim “Miss Kim” 미러볼 – EP Zion.T, Lyrics/작사: Zion.T Composer/작곡: Zion.T Arranger/편곡: DJ Soulscape. Original Post: Zion.T Miss Kim Lyrics | KROMANIZED Zion.T - Miss Kim Romanization English translation Romanization: 년 12월 19일 Miss Kim Zion.T Miss Kim, I still Think of you today. Miss Kim, ah Miss Kim, ah ah. Oh, is this Really love. I can't fall back to Sleep because of.

    Fans of Zion.T used to songs rooted in modern R&B and hip-hop were undoubtedly thrown a curveball with his latest release, “Miss Kim. Miss Kim, I think of you again today Miss Kim Miss Kim Is this really love? I cannot sleep because of thoughts of you Rain is falling on this street. Kim Hae-sol (born April 13, ), known as Zion.T (Hangul: 자이언티), is a South Korean hip In December, he released the EP Mirrorball ("미러볼") with the title track "Miss Kim (미스 김)". In , he promoted the digital single " Yanghwa.

    YOW. Let me say this is BEAST. This is how quirky, artistic and interesting is done without being tryhard and a clustermess. This is so perfectly executed. 미스 김 (Miss Kim) official lyrics by Zion.T:: Miss Kim, oneul harudo geudae saenggagi nao Miss Kim, a Miss Kim, aa o igeoshi.