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    There are two written forms of Quickscript: Junior and Senior. The letters in Junior Quickscript are mostly unconnected, with the exception of a few common. Quikscript is an alphabet (and phonemic orthography) specifically designed for the English language. Quikscript replaces traditional English orthography, which   Origins and history - Description. This subreddit was created for the purpose of helping people learn how to write in Quickscript as well as promoting discussion about it.

    I know this sub isn't very active, but I'm looking to learn a type of shorthand, and I was wondering how many WPM can be written with this script. The author accepts no legal liability for any damage or loss caused by the use of Quickscript or any software or documentation related to it. 2. Quickscript. Quickscript: The Fast and Simple Shorthand Method [Adele Booth Blanchard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Physical description; xi.

    If you are interested in some more geeky constructed language/font stuff, I have a new article up at Medium on a revision I made to the Quickscript alphabet. This article gives a quick comparison of the differences between Wonderware's QuickScript and languages. QuickScript is a simple and easy to learn special-purpose language which can be used QuickScript is special because it is simple, coherent and open source.