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    Topology for lt2.0.bin download

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    Topology for lt2.0.bin

    This guide will enable you to play lt patched iso's on a lt data you want to inject, just browse to that folder and click the lt then choose 'topology for ltbin' for the patch.. The Log will read as below Xbox Format Version = Xbox XGD3 AP25 Sector file injected. I'm on LT but I still want to play xgd3 games (I am totally offline and didn't get the update). However, I don't want to have to reburn.

    Download topology for ltbin, Size: KB, File name: topology for ltbin, Uploaded: TZ. isn't LT suppose to play them offline to begin with?!?!?i mean its the update that changes the topology and its only updated after. Comments: 0. Views: 10, This is a abgx log of my ISO with the topology data injected. You will be asked to browse for file.